A Strong Leader for a Tough Job

Heather Heidelbaugh has been a fighter all her life – standing up for clients from every station of life. She broke through the glass ceiling to become a renowned trial lawyer. Now, she’s stepping up to fight for all Pennsylvanians as their attorney general. She doesn’t just have a resume. Heather Heidelbaugh has a story. Click here to see.


Join the fight

Whether it’s an investment in her campaign, putting up a yard sign, knocking doors or just telling friends and family about this remarkable woman, we can all help Heather. Click here to join the cause.

About Heather

From humble beginnings to the top of her profession, Heather Heidelbaugh has been a trailblazer. Read her story and you’ll see why she’s the ideal choice for Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Why I’m Running

Consider the issues and you’ll agree that Heather Heidelbaugh’s approach – putting the law before politics – is the best choice for Pennsylvania. She’s determined to end the scourge of opioids, stand up for victims of crime, and protect consumers and taxpayers alike.