Why I’m Running.

Let’s face the facts: Pennsylvania needs a full-time lawyer as its attorney general, not a cookie cutout politician from central casting.

I’m a lawyer – with more than 35 years of courtroom experience. I didn’t start out at the top. I worked, first to break the glass ceiling and become a female trial lawyer, then to establish myself as a respected and successful litigator.

Politics was something I did as a service to my community, not as a career.

Right now, Pennsylvania is faced with serious challenges.

  • Opioids and their aftermath have devastated our state, especially its rural communities.
  • Special interest groups are using the courts to do an end-run around the elected legislature. 
  • Consumers continue to be ripped off by scammers who ignore the Do Not Call List.
  • And corruption continues to seep into government, where waste and fraud cheat taxpayers of millions every year.

The attorney general should be vigorously pursuing these problems, not showboating around the state while setting up a run for higher office in two years. As never before, Pennsylvania needs an attorney general who sees the office as a destination, not a stepping-stone.

I am looking to serve in one office: Attorney General of Pennsylvania. Unlike the current occupant, I’ve spent decades in courtrooms litigating cases. I have more than a legal degree. I have legal experience.

And that’s a difference that matters when it comes to keeping our communities safe, our kids off drugs, and our seniors secure. That’s why I’m running: to be the People’s Lawyer.